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Tapestry Topics is ATA’s pdf newsletter published 3 times per year. Filled with informational and thought-provoking articles, it features the work of contemporary tapestry artists worldwide. The newsletter is a benefit of membership and is delivered via email.

Submissions and Guidelines

Each issue of Topics Topics is organized around a theme. Would you like to be a theme editor? Would you like to submit an article? For more information, contact the editor.

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Tapestry Topics Author’s Guidelines


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Tapestry Topics Index

ATA makes issues more than two years old available to the general public. Click on the links below to download older issues of Tapestry Topics. Scan thru the Tapestry Topics Index (2005-2022) to find specific issues and topics. Join ATA to receive the most current issues of Tapestry Topics.

Spring 2022 Tiny But Mighty
Fall 2021 Weaving Communities
Summer 2021 Daily Practice, What’s Yours?
Spring 2021 Archie Brennan’s Legacy
Fall 2020 Every Tapestry Tells a Story
Summer 2020 Fine Art of Tapestry
Spring 2020 Something Old, Something New
Fall 2019 Tapestry in a Digital World
Summer 2019 Green Gallery Issue
Spring 2019 Collage & Tapestry
Winter 2018 Origin Stories
Fall 2018 New Faces in Tapestry
Summer 2018 Counting Thread Redux
Spring 2018 Counting Thread
Winter 2017 Interview Part II
Fall 2017 Interview Part I
Summer 2017 Color
Spring 2017 Studio Tips
Winter 2016 Then & Now
Fall 2016 Tapestry New Wave
Summer 2016 Imagery & Weaving
Spring 2016 Social Media
Winter 2015 Small Format 2
Fall 2015 Tips & Tactics
Summer 2015 Native Traditions and Modern Interpretations
Spring 2015 Small Format/Small Scale Tapestry: Subversive, Destructive,or…?
Winter 2014 Tapestry: For Ceremonial Settings
Fall 2014 Collaboration
Summer 2014 Type in Tapestry
Spring 2014 All Things Green
Winter 2013 Text in Tapestry
Fall 2013 Working in a Series
Summer 2013 Social Fabrics, second issue
Spring 2013 Social Fabrics
Winter 2012 Honoring Tradition, Inspiring Innovation
Fall 2012 Going International
Summer 2012 Surface
Spring 2012 Teachers and Lessons
Winter 2011 Wedge Weave
Fall 2011 Professionalism
Summer 2011 James Koehler tribute
Spring 2011 Color
Winter 2010 Handspun
Fall 2010 Teaching the Next Generation
Summer 2010 Tips and Tactics: Thoughtful Musing
Spring 2010 Proportion
Winter 2009 Tips & Tactics
Fall 2009 Exhibits: Our Public Voice
Summer 2009 The Materiality of Surface
Spring 2009 Sustaining Creativity
Winter 2008 Conferences and Events
Fall 2008 Thinking Small
Summer 2008 Representational or Abstract?
Spring 2008 Dyeing: The Ultimate Color Adventure
Winter 2007 In a Wider Circle
Fall 2007 Diminishing Distances
Summer 2007 ATA Then and Now: Celebrating 25 years
Spring 2007 The California Scene
Winter 2006 Transitions as Design Element
Fall 2006 Grand Issues in Small Format Tapestry
Summer 2006  Chance
Spring 2006 Contemporary Tapestry
Winter 2005 Pushing Techniques
Fall 2005 Narrative Options
Summer 2005 Aesthetic Influences
Spring 2005
Winter 2004 Shaped Tapestries
Fall 2004
Summer 2004 Body Language & Nudes
Spring 2004
Winter 2003
Summer 2003
Fall 2002