Weaving the Future Grants

Program Description

The American Tapestry Alliance’s Weaving the Future Grants are designed to support weaving opportunities for children and to provide training in tapestry weaving to teachers and others who will, in turn, teach weaving to children. Anyone who can teach tapestry weaving may apply for a grant. Membership in ATA is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.


The grant recipient is referred to as the “Teaching Artist.”
The person receiving instruction from the teaching artist is referred to as the “Program Facilitator.”

Important Payment Information–PLEASE READ!

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The American Tapestry Alliance will not be able to accept submissions from these countries.

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Program Details

Teaching Artists will teach tapestry weaving to a Program Facilitator who works with children. Weaving the Future seeks to train Program Facilitators who will be able to continue to teach tapestry weaving to children.

Instruction may take place in a wide range of venues, including, but not limited to:

  • Schools – public and private
  • Home school programs
  • After-school programs in schools and elsewhere
  • Art councils
  • Libraries
  • PTAs
  • At-risk programs at youth centers
  • Community centers
  • Art centers
  • Museums
  • Art institutions

Grant Details

Weaving the Future provides grants of $250 to the Teaching Artist. This money will fund:

  • A $100 stipend for the Teaching Artist.
  • Looms, yarn, bobbins/shuttles/beaters.
  • All funds must be used for purposes related to Weaving the Future.

Grant Requirements

  • Grant applications must be received at least 30 days before the start date for the activities that the grant will support.
  • The Teaching Artist will file a Final Report about teaching the Program Facilitator. The Final Report should be filed within two weeks after the completion of the workshop(s).
  • The Program Facilitator will file a Final Report about teaching the children. The Final Report should be filed within two weeks after the completion of the workshop(s).


The Grant applicant will be notified no more than a month after the application has been received.

Additional Information for Weaving the Future Grant Recipients

Online Application