Fiona Hutchison
A Line of Water, 2015
35 cm x 186 cm

The American Tapestry Alliance is dedicated to providing tapestry weavers with an extensive array of resources, including a list of publications and articles, tapestry instructors, videos, and suppliers. For higher-level members, mentoring options are also available. ATA also organizes in-person workshops that feature highly sought-after artists and instructors who are often internationally recognized for their talents. 

Educational Articles
Educational Articles are hosted on ATA’s website. Covering a variety of topics, they feature the work and writing of a variety of artists around the world. Stay tuned for a forthcoming PDF publication featuring archived educational articles.

Instructional Videos
View the list of comprehensive links to videos that beginner tapestry weavers will find especially helpful. 

Access a bibliography of books related to tapestry weaving.

Tapestry Weaving Instructors
Browse a list of ATA tapestry instructors.

Mentoring Program
ATA’s Mentoring Program is an opportunity for tapestry weavers to share their knowledge. Mentors and mentees are matched on the basis of the area of study that the mentee wishes to pursue. The Mentoring Program is meant for both beginning and more experienced weavers. Information can be found here. The mentee must be an ATA Circle member.

ATA Workshops 
In even-numbered years, ATA sponsors a forum at HGA’s Convergence. The forum, open to all members and non-members, typically includes two speakers and an open digislam of images submitted by members featuring their latest tapestry to share electronically during the forum.  ATA also organizes a tapestry weaving workshop known as our Members’ Retreat that follows Convergence. These workshops are led by talented, experienced tapestry weavers with extensive teaching experience.

In odd-numbered years, ATA organizes an additional workshop for members and non-members also led by talented, experienced tapestry weavers with extensive teaching experience. Locations and instructors vary year by year and workshops are usually held between May-September. 

Other Education Programs
in 2020, ATA launched a program that invites weavers working within different cultural perspectives and frameworks to share their work with ATA members. The Ambassador Program has featured Native artists from across North America as well as emerging and established artists who are exploring various tapestry techniques within their work. In 2023, ATA launched the Speaker Series to highlight mid-career and established artists inspired by and incorporating woven structures in their practice. Additional knowledge sharing between members takes place every other month during our online Members’ Meetups. The meetups provide a wonderful opportunity for our members to learn from one another and to become a part of a larger community.