Pam Hutley, “There’s always time for a cuppa,” front and back. Mailed to Val Kohler.

Val Kohler, “My people make my home,” front and back. Mailed to Pam Hutley

HERE AND (T)HERE is a tapestry postcard exchange and online exhibition for ATA members, spearheaded by Dorothy Clews. The content for this annual show is generated by members who elect to participate. Registrants are randomly paired with another tapestry weaver with whom they exchange 5” x 7” (13 x 18 cm) tapestry postcards via postal mail. This exhibit offers a fun opportunity for ATA members to get to know another tapestry weaver and participate in a community online exhibition. As 2019 is the inaugural year for this exhibit, check back later in the fall to see the show!


The theme for the 2019 postcard exchange is HERE AND (T)HERE. Here and (t)here could be one place and/or another; moving back and forth from time to time.  Where is here and where is (t)here for you?

  • Is here at home by your loom and (t)here outside in nature at the ocean or in the mountains? Or somewhere else?
  • Is here where you currently live and (t)here where you dream to live?
  • Or is here in the moment and (t)here is the past or perhaps the future?

Click here to see how weavers were inspired.

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