Here and (T)Here Gallery 1

Here are the post cards that were sent around the world between ATA members! Search #hereandthere or #atapostcardexchange on Instagram to see more details.


Patricia Jordan to Nicole Bunting
Dear Nicole,
As I return home (here) from any travel (there), my first heart-warming thoughts
(after my dogs) is to longingly anticipate a perfect cup of coffee in my own kitchen with friend and neighbors.

Nicole Bunting to Patricia Jordan
Dear Patricia,
Travel is one of my favorite things in the world.
I am constantly in awe of nature and the rock
formations that can be found Here and There.
Despite the differences in the landscape, the sky is
always constant.

Marlena Rogers to Bernie Dignam
Hi Bernie
We have been blessed with good rains earlier this year, and the Spring wildflowers put up a wonderful show, especially the Texas Bluebonnets
and Indian Paintbrush flowers.
Hope you enjoy my little interpretation or what it is like here –
I certainly liked your postcard from there.
Kind regards, Marlena

Bernie Digman to Marlena Rogers
Hi Marlena
I checked out where you were and think you are about 350 miles
from the ocean so hoping this little weave inspired by the Connemara Coastline
gives you some pleasure.
Kind Regards, Bernie

Joy Smith to Anne Miller
Anne Marie,
I hope this ponderous little wombat finds you well & happy.
He does not live in my neighbourhood, the city is too busy for him –
he much prefers a bush lifestyle where he can dig holes to his hearts content.
Joy xox

Anne Miller to Joy Smith
Here & (t)here
Oceans between us.
Oceans close to both of us.
Close, but so far.
Wishing (I) (you) were here.
Thought yearningly of ocean & beach the entire weaving time.
My happy place!
Hope you enjoy!

Elaine Duncan to Carollee Howes
My second postcard woven for you!
A butterfly which travels from Canada, through the USA to
Mexico and returns. The butterfly is woven with cotton embroidery
floss surrounded by wool yarns.
Wishing you all the best!

Carollee Howes to Elaine Duncan
The Oxbow Siuslaw River, OR USA

Terry Olson to Saffron Gordon
Saffron, For Here and (T)here. My here is a green house on a green hill
overlooking a green valley & mountains. Mt Hood enlarged for artistic purposes:) Hope this makes it to you there. It has been a
pleasure weaving for you. Terry Olsen

Saffron Gordon to Terry Olson
Dear Terry, Thinking about Here and T(here). I decided to send you this
postcard of the railway bridge I walk under most days.
It’s ordinary and urban, but beautiful too if you just look at it in the
right way. Saffron

Susan Iverson to Sally Reckert
Here and there and back again – sky, water, earth, dusk,
when they are all magic

Sally Reckert to Susan Iverson
Curlew – Lapwing
Over the North Pennine Dales
Handspun local sheep’s wool

Rebecca Anaya to Ginny Wallace
Here and there is now t/here – a sort of merged State with, hopefully, the best of both places! Your
postcard to me was the inspiration. Happy weaving!

Ginny Wallace to Rebecca Anaya
Rebecca, Sending good wishes from here in Missouri to there in California! My here is your there
and your there is my here. Best, Ginny

Pat Williams to Karen Leckert
“Meet (Here) and Separate (There)”

Karen Leckert to Pat Williams
Dear Pat:
You are there–
I am here —
“Let’s meet somewhere”

Ulrikka Mokdad to Nancy Kramer
Hello Nancy
The train ride goes from Holbaek to Kalundborg on a bitterly cold winter’s morning just before sunrise.
Welcome to Denmark 🙂
Best wishes Ulrikka

Nancy Kramer to Ulrikka Mokdad
Hello Ulrikka.
On the train from New York city to Syracuse along the Hudson on a foggy day.
Come visit, if you can.

Molly Elkind to Lindsey Marshall
The yarns in this tapestry traveled from there (your here) to here (your there) and now back there.
They make a picture of my here, the high desert of northern New Mexico.
Hello from here to there!

Lindsey Marshall to Molly Elkind
Blue skies, marigolds and sunflowers–summer is here (when it’s not raining!). Hello from me here to
you there! Lindsey

Mary Jane Lord to Andrea Theisson
From here–my favorite Gulf Coast beach spot–St. George Island–to there! (That’s Steve the seagull in the upper right corner. Always scavenging for snacks:) Happy Weaving! MJ

Andrea Theisson to Mary Lord
Greetings from Pennsylvania—shadows, Joe Pye weed, tiger lilies and black eyed Susans! Light shines in the meadow, around the boulders, like Magic. Sometimes, here in Gettysburg, we glimpse
uniforms in the woods.

Rena Roohipour to Lu Fiskin-Ross
Dear Lu, hope you like my tapestry card of Carlingford Lough,
(here on the North side, and there on the South Side, where I live and where I’m from.) I’ve enjoyed this so much! Warmest Regards, Rena

Lu Fiskin-Ross to Rena Roohipour
‘Flint Hills Sunrise’ reflects the ‘here’ of the tall grass prairie with the ‘there’ of the pioneers crossing Eastern Kansas and discovering grass as tall as a man.
There are still places where the tall grasses can
be seen, but for the most part, these have been replaced with shorter grasses.

Lisa Almeida to Gabriela Nirino
Hello Gabi!
My life does not happen on 2 continents like yours, but it does happen in 2 states of mind…one part
in the serenity of mountains and forests where I live now, and the other in sweet memories of many
years by the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the very best days were spent sailing on Narragansett Bay.

Gabriela Nirino to Lisa Almeida
Hello Lisa, Here is my Seattle – Buenos Aires version of the postcard. These are happy days, I hope for
you too. Cariños, Gabi

Karen King to Deb Shoenberger
Pump jack near Longview. July 2019. The oil industry has been a blessing and a curse to our province,
driving deep social, economic and political divisions. We like to camp near Longview, which makes it
the heart of oil, cattle and recreation.

Deb Shoenberger to Karen King
Hi Karen
Here I am – the blue spot in the middle. (T)here are my two children. One in the city, Boston, and one
in the country, Georgia.
Deb Shoenberger

Debbie Ellis to Camilyn Leone
Greetings from Portlandia! Land of rivers, trees, mountains and a hit TV show or two. Cheers, Debbie

Camilyn Leone to Debbie Ellis
Debbie, Greetings from Virginia and from my flock of Navajo Churro sheep. I hope that your wrist is on the mend.
Lambs are on the way at my farm! Cheers, Camilyn

Jennifer Roseman to Annika Leopold
Hello Annika
I hope you enjoy this dawn view from South Head Sydney
inspired by my early morning walk. Best wishes, Jen

Annika Leopold to Jennifer Roseman
Greetings Jennifer, A postcard to you from far, far away.
This is Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island’s west side. Our very long skinny island is close, but not too close, to Seattle. Cheers, Annika