The Power of Slow

The slow medium of tapestry apparently operates at a considerable disadvantage in the contemporary arena. The need for professional artists to be paid for their work means that many have abandoned the medium as totally uneconomic. The remaining tapestry studios around the world manage to survive and continue to collaborate with artists on prestigious commissions. However, large-scale tapestries made by contemporary artist-weavers are now most often seen in retrospective exhibitions, where works are borrowed back. Tapestries are included from artists’ years at college when they could produce large works with dedicated equipment and space. Read the accompanying essay The Power of Slow to learn more about the work included in the exhibition.

Curator’s Biography

Anne Jackson is a tapestry artist, writer and curator based in the West Country of England. Her work is exhibited and held in public and private collections in Europe and the USA. She is a member of the Steering Group of European Tapestry Forum, and of ATA and the 62 Group of Textile Artists.