Postcard Exchange

Kristen Glasbrook to Ruth Manning
Hi Ruth
Here still, there soon!
All the best for the beginning of a new season
Love, Kirsten

Registration is now closed to participate in 2023’s Postcard Exchange. ATA provides many services to today’s tapestry artists, one of which is the ability to CONNECT to other tapestry artists in the larger world of those who enjoy weaving over and under creating images, designs, words, and shapes into pieces of art. The every other year postcard exchange is one way ATA gives us this opportunity to CONNECT to the larger community. Submissions of images of woven postcards begin July 1, 2023, and close October 1, 2023. If you were unable to register to participate this year, please keep an eye out on social media for the unique postcards that are sent between members. Participants are encouraged to share images of their postcards on Instagram using #TapestryPostcard2023.


To view 2021 postcard submissions, search Instagram via #TapestryPostcard2021. The 2019 Postcard Exchange is viewable below.