Seizing the Moment: Three Emerging Millennial Artists–Mariana Piñar Castellano

Seizing the Moment: Three Emerging Millenial Artists curated by Alicia Scardetta captures a specific perspective from three young artists grappling with the world around them, their connection to technology and to hand processes, and what it means to be a creative individual in this moment. Please read the accompanying curatorial essay Seizing the Moment Curatorial Essay


Curator’s Biography-Alicia Scardetta

Alicia Scardetta is a Brooklyn, New York-based, Texas-born artist. She received her BFA from Pratt Institute in 2012. Alicia was first introduced to weaving through a studio internship at the Textile Arts Center in 2011. Later, she attended workshops at Haystack School of Crafts and Penland School of Crafts, where she further honed her technical skills working with fibers.

Alicia’s work explores the structural variables of tapestry weaving. Vibrant colors, wrapped elements, and unexpected compositions found in her work are largely drawn from objects associated with girlhood, including friendship bracelets, jump ropes, and hair braids. By weaving these elements associated with personal memories and identity into her work, Alicia achieves a unique, playful quality with every piece. View her work by visiting

Mariana Piñar Castellano

Kayla Mattes standing next to Firewall.

Luiza Caldari in her studio.