CODA: Tapestry Art Today

CODA: Tapestry Art Today is a digest of ATA’s newsletter. CODA features contemporary tapestry artists around the world, with images and articles presenting a broad spectrum of perspectives on the art as it is celebrated today.

A few highlights from our most recent edition of  CODA include:

  • Naming and Reframing: Tapestry in the Virtual by Shelley Socolofsky
  • Philosophical Musings on Tapestry Weaving and Contemporary Art by Deborah Forbes
  • Finding Meaning through Process by Ellen Ramsey
  • Archie Brennan: “a bit of weaving” by Mary Lane

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Mary Lane, Editor. Dianne Chicoine, Design and Layout.

Previous Publications

CODA 2020 (download)

Ellen Ramsey, Editor. Sara Figal and Nicki Bair, Design and Layout.

CODA 2017 (download)

Christine Laffer, Editor. Anna Kocherovsky, Design.

CODA 2015 (download)

Dorothy Clews, Editor. Robin Coombes, Layout.

CODA 2013 (download)

Dorothy Clews, Editor. Margaret Sunday, Layout.