Mounting and Hanging Tapestries: A Variety of Solutions

Mary Lane, Editor

The articles authored by Odette Brabec, Pat Dozier, Celine Grigore, Tommye Scanlin, Judy Schuster, Sarah Swett, Sonni Wendt, and Rickie Wesbrooks were originally published in the Summer 1997 issue of Tapestry Topics, as part of a series entitled “Towards Professionalism.” The article written by Susan Martin Maffei originally appeared in the 1997 Tisselise newsletter in Paris, France. It was subsequently published in the TWINE newsletter (New England, USA) and further elaborated in Handwoven magazine, in May/June 1998. Slight revisions of all of the articles were introduced for this publication.


1. Brabec, Odette. “Mounting a Shaped Tapestry”

2. Dozier, Pat. “Finishing Four Sides of Tapestries”

3. Grigore, Celina. “Hanging System for a Wide Tapestry”

4. Lane, Mary. “Hanging Tapestries with Velcro”

5. Maffei, Susan Martin. “Mounting Small Tapestries”

6. Scanlin, Tommye. “Mounting Small Tapestries”

7. Schuster, Judy. “A Unique Solution to A Unique Challenge”

8. Swett, Sarah. “Finishing and Hanging Two-Sided Tapestries”

9. Wendt, Sonni. “Mounting a Tapestry on a Wood Frame”

10. Wesbrooks, Rickie. R. “Framing Tapestry as an Alternative Presentation Method“