Postcard Exchange

Kristen Glasbrook to Ruth Manning
Hi Ruth
Here still, there soon!
All the best for the beginning of a new season
Love, Kirsten

ATA’s Postcard Exchange began in 2019 thanks to former Director of Awards, Dorothy Clews. Due to its popularity in connecting tapestry weavers around the world, ATA has continued to organize the Postcard Exchange every other year. Any member can participate in the Exchange simply by registering in the March of odd years. Members are matched with each other by the end of April and can begin getting to know their weaving penpal. Images of completed postcards are submitted to ATA from July through October. ATA volunteers post images of submitted postcards to Instagram in addition to creating an online gallery on ATA’s website to inspire future participants. The Postcard Exchange is not only a great way to get to know fellow weavers and become a part of a larger community but also one of many great reasons to be a member of ATA. Interested in learning about preparing a tapestry postcard? Refer to this handy guide for support.

2023 Postcard Exchange

The 2023 Postcard Exchange is viewable below. Please note that due to space, some messages between participants were edited. To view complete messages sent between participants, please visit Instagram and search #TapestryPostcard2023. To view 2021 postcard submissions, search Instagram via #TapestryPostcard2021. The 2019 Postcard Exchange is viewable here.