Fractured Landscapes: Tapestries and Paper Weavings by Suzanne Pretty

Since the early 90’s Pretty has woven tapestries that express her concern with the destruction of the natural environment. Rampant development in her home state of New Hampshire was the impetus for ‘Daylilies,’ in which she contrasts the elegant tranquility of the flowers with the image of a bulldozer, tearing up their habitat. One of the exciting paradoxes of tapestry weaving, is that the bright yellow bulldozer against a blue sky can be beautiful even as we recognize its negative connotations. Read the accompanying essay Fractured Landscapes to learn more about the work included in the exhibition.

Curator’s Biography

Janet Austin got hooked on weaving in 1972, as an undergraduate at the Massachusetts College of Art. She spent eight years weaving functional items to sell in craft cooperatives, which was an opportunity to explore color and texture. In an effort to reintroduce imagery to her work, she pursued an MFA in Painting. Almost accidentally the painting and weaving came together, and she has been weaving tapestries since 1983.