2015 Awardee-Danbee Son

Danbee Son
The Objet – Road Sign, 2014
203 cm x 190 cm

Artist Statement

Soft sculpture is part of modern-day art. It allows the viewer to experience the softness of the material through both vision and touch. I use common objects or common social issues that occur in our lives as my subject matter. My work creates unfamiliarity with familiar things in order to make us look at our present life with a new perspective. I achieve this by using materials to make an object that is not usually associated with that object.

My artwork follows realism. It provides an artistic viewpoint that describes nature, or our day-to-day life, accurately without any ornaments. We can understand the object depicted based on its appearance. However, the objects, typically hard and cold, are transformed by the soft materials, and bring out a surrealistic sensibility. This is caused by the mismatch that occurs when what you see is different from what you touch. The viewer breaks away from traditional understanding and views the work with a fresh point of view.

Danbee Son
Shin Ramyun, 2015
27 cm x 35 cm


Danbee Son has been selected for the American Tapestry Alliance’s 2015 International Student Award. She attends Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. The University is best known for its School of Architecture and Fine Arts. Danbee Son states,

Danbee Son
The Object-The Frame, 2012
200 cm x 110 cm