Between Two Worlds: Valerie Kirk and Sara Lindsay

Immigrants seem to be much in the news around the world today, primarily from the external political perspective. It seemed timely to present the work of two immigrant artists, Valerie Kirk and Sara Lindsay, who left their native countries of Scotland and England for Australia many years ago, and whose conceptual focus has concentrated on various aspects of their personal experience as immigrants for most of their time in Australia. The work in this on-line exhibition is a sampling of their work during the last decade. Many of these images shown are one of a series of tapestries, drawings or other media and thus do not convey the total impact of seeing the entire body of work together. Read the accompanying essay Between Two Worlds to learn more about the work included in the exhibition.

Curator’s Biography

Sharon Marcus has been working as a studio artist, educator, project organizer, and writer for more than 20 years. She is a former publisher/editor of the International Tapestry Journal. She has also served as both organizer and participant in a number of collaborative artists’ projects. She is a former board member of The American Tapestry Alliance. The Center for Tapestry Arts, Contemporary Crafts Association, The Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, and a former regional representative of the American Crafts Council. In 2003, she was selected Educator of the Year by Contemporary Crafts Museum and Gallery. Her interests have focused on tapestry for much of her career; however, in recent years she has developed an installation format, which often includes work in mixed media.