Pat Williams
Type a Man, 2013
11 in x 16.5 in

Pat Williams
Failure to Communicate, 2013
44.5 in x 59 in

Pat Williams’ Artist Statement

Certain Situation was the last tapestry I wove before the gigantic transition/relocation from my north Georgia home where living was easy and our pet chickens roamed. Did it for health reasons–my husband has a chronic illness. Therefore, a certain situation of going from the known and loved to the unknown and would I love it.

Type A Man was a “portrait” of my husband, working 60-70 hours a week and frequently freaking out about something or other.

Failure To Communicate is part of my communication series. How often do we want to say a thing, but find ourselves hedging and trimming and eliminating our words?

Pat Williams
Certain Situations, 2015
44 in x 18.75 in

Pat Williams’ Biography

Drawing pictures most mornings just after waking up, I seem to capture what I’m feeling in a journaling-type way. Sometimes I weave these pictures.

An infatuation with fiber began with teaching myself to crochet while in college, then needlepoint, and floor loom weaving. An obsession with tapestry began in the 1990s and I’m still at it. Tapestry offers me continuing challenges and opportunities for expression. I am grateful to the process.