Regina Vorgang
Brickwalk, 2010
24 in x 36 in


Regina Vorgang
Ontare River, 2011
42 in x 156 in

Regina Vorgang’s Artist Statement

I create original handwoven rugs and tapestries that integrate a strong sense of color and design with weaving to make bold visual statements. Working with wool, I explore how the fibers reflect light and color in a unique way. My designs are based on traditional techniques and I weave in a painterly fashion discovering how shape, color, and form combine best for each piece. I let the design evolve and make changes as needed while I weave adding surprise and interest. A graphic designer, intrigued by the craft of weaving, I combine my vision and weaving skills to create pieces that are graphic in nature. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind expression using themes of nature or visual play of color.

Sarah and Robert Walker Residence, Fillmore, CA. Interior photos showing interior design by Sarah Walker and handwoven rugs by Regina Vorgang.

Regina Vorgang
Entwined, 2011
96 in x 120 in

Regina Vorgang’s Biography

A professional Graphic Designer since 1980, fiber and weaving had always had a strong attraction for Regina. She participated in a variety of weaving workshops and began focusing her design skills and attention on rug weaving. After moving to California in 2002, Regina transitioned her design and color sense from the commercial design world to the tactile, hand-crafted art of weaving. She now creates original rug and tapestry designs that combine her unique sense of color and design with the tradition of Rio Grande Tapestry style weaving to create strong, bold design statements. Regina exhibits nationally and maintains a weaving studio in Camarillo, California.