Alta Turner
Hudson River Diptych, 2011
73 in x 9 in

Alta Turner
Concession [Grudging] to Alzheimer’s, 2016
71 in x 43 in

Alta Turner’s Artist Statement

Narrative journeys underlie my tapestry building. Hudson River Diptych compares, in plain view, the river from Henry’s 1609 21-day exploration to the river following four centuries of human impact. Concession [Grudging] to Alzheimer’s contrasts rendered and pixellated features, documenting change in personality with the evolution of the disease. Tiger’s Caucasian Trophy inverts human cruelty to fictional animal retribution.

These three works present different narratives, using similar layerings of juxtaposed symbols and detail, to tell a story. Symbols demand detail sufficient to trigger meaning. Tapestry building both requires and captures time. When the details take on their own lives during the building, it is a fine ride.

Alta Turner
Tiger’s Caucasian Trophy, 2020
68 in x 38 in

Alta Turner’s Biography

Formal education in fine arts, followed by graduate work in environmental studies and statistics led to 36 years of statistical consulting. Much of my work exhibits these science-derived, somewhat analytical, underpinnings.

Weaving began initially with loom-controlled methods, quickly focusing on the narrative history and freer potentials of tapestries and tapestry-making. Workshops and studies with masters of diverse approaches and techniques as well as working among and with members of the Wednesday Group demonstrated the range and unique generosity of those who textile.