Care Standley
Jaguar, 2016
13 in x 10 in

Care Standley
Big Cat, 2013
12 in x 10 in

Care Standley’s Artist Statement

Finding tapestry compelling and completely absorbing, Care Standley is particularly interested in pattern, color and tension. She works finely and uses an abundance of detail. Her love of pattern is conveyed through the rhythmic repetition in her designs. Her images are often symbolic and created to inspire questioning and curiosity. Care is intrigued by fragmentation and disintegration, and some of her designs are cropped, with only a partial view of the image. For Care, tapestry is a visual exploration of ideas and obsessions, using color and shape. It involves a delicate balance between spontaneous design and exact execution, a constant challenge to produce something fluid within a static structure.

Care Standley
California Cougar Cub, 2015
14 in x 9 in

Care Standley’s Biography

Care Standley has been weaving tapestry for thirty years. She attended California College of Arts and Crafts and majored in textiles. After graduating, she studied and taught with Jean-Pierre Larochette at the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop. Care has completed many commissions and her work is widely exhibited. She has won awards. Her tapestries have been featured in American Craft, Southwest Art, FiberArts, Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, as well as other magazines, books, newspapers, and catalogs. Care has helped organize and coordinate group tapestry exhibits. She has traveled extensively and continues to create her own work.