Christine Rivers
Summer Beach, 2020
35 in x 35 in

Christine Rivers
Let’s Go Fly a Kite, 2020
20 in x 20 in

Christine Rivers’ Artist Statement

“Summer Beach” represents the beach in summertime through three stages of the day.
The morning, noon and evening. The tide in with water covering the sand bars, the tide out exposing the sand bars for playing on, the tide in again for the evening with the moon shining.
The mountain in the far distance and a little person flying a kite high into the sky.

“Let’s Go Fly a Kite” is a tapestry woven for fun in joyful bright colours.
The tapestry is expressing the joy of just flying a kite on a beautiful day
with no worries. Just fun and joy.

“Waterlines_Rocks and Water” gave me a wonderful experience in observing nature, water, rocks, flow, calm and an opportunity to weave in collaboration with other tapestry artists. I was excited and honoured to be able to work with Joan Baxter and all of the other tapestry weavers on the Waterlines project. The Englishman River is the closest river to our home in Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We swim, walk, run and hike up the river in many locations from the estuary at the mouth of the river to higher up stream to up in the mountain where the waters begin. The water is so clear and green here. There are rocks on the side of the river, rocks under the water and rocks on the other side. The forest and river are a place of peace for me. A place to go to get away from the busyness of life, to gain calm, to be in the moment. Weaving tapestry is another way to get into flow, to come to peace and to calm.



Christine Rivers
Waterlines, Rocks, and Water, 2022
12 in x 20 in

Christine Rivers’ Biography

Christine has been weaving since 1977, and weaving tapestry since 1998. She lives on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. She loves tapestry weaving, beading, running, hiking, climbing, yoga, cycling, swimming, and being outdoors. Christine is a Salish-style weaver, weaving ceremonial regalia in wool and in cedar. Christine brings her life experiences and culture into her tapestries. She is a member of the Canadian Tapestry Network, American Tapestry Alliance, and TAPis – Tapestry Weavers of Vancouver Island. Christine’s tapestries have been shown in Canada, the USA, Australia, Britain, and Mexico.