Liz Pulos
Thicket, 2018
7.7 in x 8.3 in

Liz Pulos
Thicket 3, 2018
7.7 in x 8.2 in

Liz Pulos’ Artist Statement

I typically work in one of two different ways. Sometimes I begin with a clear vision of what my final image will be. I design the work in another medium and translate it quite faithfully into tapestry. Other times I have a clear vision of how I will weave, that is, what my color palette will be and what techniques I will use, but without a clear idea of how these elements will come together in a final image. These small tapestries are recent examples of the latter approach.

Last fall my eye was frequently drawn to tangles of bare branches, so I began a series with the word “thicket” in mind.  In these three small tapestries, I experimented with the relative salience of the branch shapes versus the background. I also explored strategies for applying color to the different shapes. I really enjoy using mark-making to establish the spirit of a piece.

Liz Pulos
Thicket 2, 2018
9.5 in x 7.5 in

Liz Pulos’ Biography

I am a long-time, self-taught weaver, focusing on tapestry since 2012.