Eve Pearce
Form is No Other Than Emptiness, Emptiness No Other Than Form…., 2014
63 in x 43 in

Eve Pearce
Hunger Mountain Dragon, 2016
51 in x 23 in

Eve Pearce’s Artist Statement

Everything coming into, going out of existence; transforming yet “never leaving home”.  How amazing! Form Is No Other Than Emptiness, Emptiness No Other Than Form…tries to capture a blip of this understanding.

Unlike their rather guerrillas’ western counterparts, eastern dragons delight in playfully coming and going.  Hunger Mountain Dragon appeared as the Green Mountain ridgeline flirting with shifting mists.  The Taconic Orogeny dragon’s energy became evident while studying geological cross-section maps of the 440 million-year-old mountains which frame the back fields of my farm. Today one might only see the Taconics as soft green “hills”, but, in their youth, they were higher than the Himalayas.

Eve Pearce
Taconic Orogeny, 2015
19 in x 47 in

Eve Pearce’s Biography

I have been making tapestries on my farm in southern Vermont for nearly fifty years. I have participated in one-person and group shows, have had work published in books and articles, and enjoyed doing commissions for clients nationwide. I am especially pleased to have been included in several ATA Biennials. I would be happy to share details of any of this, but here is the real heart of my biography:

Time spent in the Himalayas, where the visible is astonishing and the invisible whispers in the ear, confirmed a long-held suspicion that my home landscape has much to reveal and that I have only to quiet the self to hear its language.  Recent tapestries are my “translations” of what I’ve overheard, admittedly colored by my Buddhist inclinations.  As I quiet, the distinctions among the subject, the work, and the weaver slip away.  

I keep Mary Oliver’s maxim pinned to my workroom wall: “Pay attention. Be amazed. Tell it.”