Cindy Dworzak
Circles, 2016
40 in x 37 in

Cindy Dworzak
Matrix, 2015
32 in x 42 in

Cindy Dworzak’s Artist Statement

I find producing tapestries fascinating and am always surprised by the results.  I am drawn to abstract subjects that allow me to play with color effects and movement within the tapestry.

I start with a basic design and decide on a color palette.  I dye my weft yarn in a variety of colors varying the values and intensities of my yarns.  At this point, I start placing yarns in the design which develops as I weave.  When a tapestry is progressing well the tapestry tells me which yarns to use next.

Cindy Dworzak
Ballons, 2013
36 in x 28 in

Cindy Dworzak’s Biography

When driving between Colorado and New Mexico I would always time my trips to stop at Rachel Brown’s Weaving Southwest when it was located in downtown Taos to admire the contemporary tapestries.  Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to take classes in tapestry from some of the featured artists including Robin Reider and James Koehler.   James Koehler opened the world of design and color theory to me as well as tapestry techniques.   I have also been able to study with Elizabeth Buckley with regard to design, color, and tapestry techniques.

I love sitting at my large Skannock Loom weaving “large tapestries” or using a Mirrix loom to weave a small piece.  I enjoy showing my work in local shows and look forward to broadening the audience for my tapestries.