Liliana Crespi
Bubbles, 2022
48 in x 28 in

Liliana Crespi
Prickly Pear, 2020
46 in x 36 in

Liliana Crespi’s Artist Statement

Fibers have always intrigued me. What fascinated me the most were the various techniques used to turn a skein of silk in a sweater or a lace, or a bunch of leaves into a basket. I began weaving tapestries when I moved to Mexico in 1996 and I have been enjoying it since then. Tapestry weaving is the perfect merger of my passion for fibers and my pen drawings. Enhanced by colorful yarns the marks on the paper become alive.

Liliana Crespi
Mangroves, 2020
54 in x 40 in

Liliana Crespi’s Artist Biography

I was born and raised in Italy where women were expected to learn how to sew, crochet, and knit in order to perform their domestic duties.  Although this custom today is slowly fading away, my interest in these techniques has always been alive.

Due to family commitments I have lived in Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, and United States.  I have traveled extensively in Asia.  I took art classes and workshops whenever possible to satisfy the need to further expand my knowledge of art and cultures.  The combination of my travels and the teachings of the people I encountered during my journey fueled my creativity.