Tapiserije: The Art of Atelje 61 in Vojvodina, Serbia

Tapiserije: The Art of Atelje 61 in Vojvodina, Serbia provides insight into contemporary artists utilizing a former military fortress dating back to the 17th century. The newly established workshop Atelje 61 came to occupy Boško Petrović’s empty studio in the middle of the Long Baracks of Petrovaradin, where the workshop can still be found today. Read the accompanying essay Tapiserije- The Art of Atelje 61 in Vojvodina, Serbia.

Curator’s Biography

Born in 1971, Ulrikka Mokdad is a tapestry weaver and art historian, who lives, weaves, and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ulrikka learned tapestry weaving as a child and later served four and a half years of apprenticeship in a weaver’s workshop. Since 1997, she has exhibited her tapestries nationally and internationally. Her work has been selected for numerous international shows, including American Tapestry Biennials 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, ARTAPESTRY 3 (touring Europe 2012-14) and Karpit 3 (Hungary 2017). Her award-winning artwork can be found in several collections in Denmark, as well as internationally.

She received her MA in art history from the University of Copenhagen in March 2014 for a thesis on Coptic textiles. In 2014, she was invited to participate in the 11th Boško Petrović Tapestry Colony in order to design a tapestry cartoon for the renowned Serbian tapestry workshop Atelje 61. When not at the loom, she writes articles, gives talks on textile art, teaches workshops, and organizes textile exhibitions.