Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Mezoff
Emergence VII, 2014
45 in x 45 in

Rebecca Mezoff
Emergence V: The Center Place, 2011
44 in x 44 in

Rebecca Mezoff’s Artist Statement

Big skies and long walks are in my blood. I am a tapestry weaver and as an artist, a watcher of things. I watch the goldfinches outside my studio window; I watch the clouds while lying on my back in a mountain meadow; and I watch all the creative people around me interpret their world in their own way. My chosen art form is an old one. Tapestry has been around for thousands of years in the archaeological record and likely tens of thousands of years in practice.

As a fiber artist, I work with materials that are soft and suggestible. My tapestries are made of wool which I dye (and sometimes spin) myself. Yet, my inspiration comes from the very solid, rocky topography in the southwestern United States whose astounding landscapes continue to delight me. I am concerned about climate change and how humans will interact with each other on a rapidly changing planet. The body of work I have just begun addresses these intersections of human activity on the magnificent planet we inhabit while offering hope in the actions of humans as a species to thrive into the future. Tapestry is an especially intriguing medium to address these problems both in the slowness of its creation and the length of time it has been practiced.

Rebecca Mezoff
Lifelines, 2016
24 in x 72 in

Rebecca Mezoff’s Biography

When she wasn’t digging in the sand in her backyard in New Mexico, Rebecca Mezoff grew up making dolls out of her dad’s old socks. Now she makes large-format tapestries and is often found weaving in her pajamas which she affectionately calls her “home pants”. She also creates online courses and occasionally she leaves the studio to teach weavers in the real world about color, design, and technique in tapestry. Her current work focuses on human perception and the long scale of geologic time. Her studio is in Fort Collins, Colorado. You can find out more about her on her website and blog at