Pat Williams Has Stories to Tell

Pat Williams presents visual narratives with her tapestries. She creates worlds and populates them with beings that seem at times to be puzzled or perplexed by their situations. Some are recognizably human, while others are anthropomorphized shapes reminiscent of fantastical plant, insect, or animal creatures. The stories within her tapestries are likewise often puzzling. At the same time, they often make one laugh aloud, there is always one more aspect, as viewers first find the humor and then notice an unease or poignancy within the stories. Enjoy viewing the gallery of images below that comprise the exhibition. Please read a full curatorial essay, Pat Williams Has Stories to Tell.

Pat Williams

Curator’s Biography

Tommye McClure Scanlin has woven tapestries for more than thirty years. She is Professor Emerita at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. Tommye has been involved with ATA since beginning her tapestry weaving career and currently serves on the ATA Board. Her tapestries are based upon the natural world of the southern Appalachian Mountains where she has lived most of her life. She describes many of the inspirations for her work in The Nature of Things: Essays of a Tapestry Weaver, published by the University of North Georgia Press (2020).

Tommye McClure in her studio.