Mission Statement and Programming

Between the Trees, Jenny Hansen, 2010-11, haute-lisse, worsted wool on cotton warp, 190 x 225 cm
“Between the Trees,” Jenny Hansen, 2010-11, haute-lisse, worsted wool on cotton warp, 190 x 225 cm


The American Tapestry Alliance (ATA) is engaged in a wide range of educational, exhibition, outreach and promotional programs. Our programs serve the goals of our Mission Statement:

  • to promote an awareness of and appreciation for woven tapestries designed and woven by individual artists
  • to encourage and recognize superior quality tapestries
  • to encourage educational opportunities in the field of tapestry
  • to sponsor exhibitions of tapestries
  • to establish a network for tapestry weavers throughout the world
  • to educate the public about the history and techniques involved in tapestry making


Click here to download a pdf of the ATA’s bylaws.

ATA’s Five-Year Plan

Click here for our latest Five-Year Plan for FY2022-27.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2021-2022

ATA’s Organizational Chart

Click here to see a diagrammatic chart of ATA’s organizational structure.

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ATA’s Programs

Artist Pages

In 2004, ATA initiated the Artist Pages program, an online portfolio of artist’s work. Click here to see the Artist Pages. Submission guidelines.


ATA offers several different awards to encourage and promote exceptional tapestry. We have awards for educators, students, exhibiting artists, and general members. Read more here.


Promoting tapestry through educational experiences that include workshops, educational articles, and mentoring is what makes ATA exceptionally unique. To learn more about the various educational opportunities offered, please go here.


Check out our exhibition programming that include opportunities for both professional and emerging tapestry artists. Go here for more information.


Tapestry Topics

ATA publishes a Newsletter, Tapestry Topics, three times a year. The issues feature a theme and contributions come from a wide variety of writers. More information.


CODA is an online publication that highlights the “best-of” articles in Tapestry Topics and is available to members. Older issues are available here.


A monthly update of current ATA news delivered via email. Sign up to receive eNews.


A monthly email listing of shows, awards, etc submitted by members. Sign up to receive eKudos.


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