Maximo Laura: Eternal Vision

Eternal Vision, the title of a collection of works by Maximo Laura, is a metaphor. It refers to various aspects and material substances which are of concern for human survival. The work approaches – as a thought, as a belief, and as a vision – that which is common to us all, without limit of time or space.

This exhibition is part of a collection that deals with the element of water and its spectacular manifestations (streams, rivers, lakes, oceans), which are infinitely important, but also ordinary and natural and at the same time mysterious. Laura’s astonishment, respect and coexistence with water go beyond the respect his ancestors paid through offerings, rites, myths, and legends. Laura is a witness to the exploration and exploitation that creates a dichotomy between its natural beauty, and its great importance for our ecological system, as a reserve that supports life as a whole.

These tapestries paint a variety of marine landscapes, through color and texture and an explosion of vitality and abundance.  At the same time, the colors and surroundings that humans paint with their presence in space. Each tapestry strives to express the life that water creates, which must be taken care of in order to preserve our future. Read more about the exhibition Maximo Laura- Eternal Vision.

Maximo Laura at his loom.

Curator’s Biography

Mark Hutchins-Pond is the curator of Contemporary Art at Pataka Art + Museum in Porirua City, New Zealand. The introduction to this online exhibition was written by Patricia Armour who is a tapestry artist who lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand.