Marcel Marois

The works of the tapestry artist Marcel Marois are like palimpsests. In the thickness of the stitches, each strata covers up another, as if deep layers of memory were trying to make their way back to the surface. History — including art history and the history of textile itself — fades and reappears, blurring the various readings of its narratives. Nature, the precarious bearer of social reality, serves as a guiding thread. The artist has been exploring it since the 1970s through the various upheavals in its history and its systems of representation. To learn more about the exhibition, please read the accompanying essay Marcel Marois.

Curator’s Biography

Mona Hakim is an exhibition curator, art historian, and critic. Her research focuses on contemporary art and current practices. She has written numerous booklets, monographs, and catalog essays. As a curator, she has organized over fifteen solo and group shows, in Canada and abroad. Long familiar with the artistic production of Marcel Marois, she realized a major exhibition of his works at the MATERIA center in Quebec City in 2006, accompanied by a publication.

She has also participated in numerous art juries, sat on Boards of Directors, and took part in conferences as a speaker and moderator. She taught art history at college from 1996 to 2015 and currently sits on the selection committees of the Quebec Integration of Art and Architecture (1%) program.