2010 Awardee-Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

Artist Statement

Tapestry weaving allows the maker to use a tactile process in order to create a design surface that is flat, and has a graphic appearance. While yarn can be used to achieve color blending, each piece of yarn always retains a single color. My work has utilized such aspects of tapestry in that my weavings are treated as arrangements–of single yarns, single colors, and single shapes that build from one segment to the next. I do not make preliminary designs before I begin weaving. I am constantly assessing the composition and pattern as I weave. By working this way, I have developed a sort of “language” of colors and forms because I tend to repeat certain arrangements. I utilize a rich color palette and combine fluid motifs with geometric shapes. Recently, I have experimented within the confines of the loom, by altering the tension to produce various-sized slits, and also by leaving sections of warp unwoven to create rectangular or irregular-shaped openings. As with the beading and dyeing of warp ends in “Blanket”, I am interested in combining tapestry with other surface techniques.  My work explores the design process I have developed and reaches out to the viewer through abstraction and pattern.

Jennifer Hunt


Jennifer Hunt is currently attending the University of Kansas in the Textile Design program. After taking her first weaving class in the summer of 2008, Jennifer immediately realized that tapestry permitted a sort of encompassing process of working and she was able to create imagery that she found exciting.

Jennifer Hunt