Canada and Australia share a similar cultural heritage but are so different in light, in colour, flora and fauna. In the midst of similarities and differences, the concept of *home* is something universal. The ingredients that comprise that recognition of *home* differ from person to person – it’s highly individual.

Exhibitors have exchanged postcards and thoughts on their interpretation of home – whether it is the landscape they inhabit, or particular elements of the dwelling they currently find themselves in. The postcards and messages that make up the exhibition search out the essence of what constitutes that feeling of home. Many-layered and intertwined. Some understandable, some intangible, messages about who we are, what we make, and why.

Read the accompanying essay FindingHome to learn more about the work included in the exhibition.

Curator’s Biography

Dorothy Clews and Linda Wallace created the postcard exchange that brought artists from both Canada and Australia together through active communication exchanges, and ultimately, the creation of a woven tapestry postcard. Dorothy is a maker and unmaker of tapestries and textiles, and also a maker of gardens. Linda is “… an artist and a feminist. As an artist, I try to step back in order to find a slightly different angle, a different perspective. In presenting these vantage points I am not so much presenting definitive answers as I am asking questions and proposing alternatives. As I stretch the boundaries of my own knowledge and understanding, I communicate, through my art, my observations and thoughts. These concepts are filtered through the medium of woven tapestry, drawing on both its narrative power and its cultural and social potency. ” Linda passed away in 2021, and ATA is eternally grateful for her continued contributions to the field of tapestry.