Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher
Judy, 2020
60 in x 48 in

Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher
Dawn, 2021
36 in x 42 in

Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher’s Artist Statement

The works shown here are inspired by the women in my life – colorful, dramatic, and feminine.

Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher
Meghan, 2022
24 in x 24 in

Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher Artist Biography

I am a modern tapestry weaver specializing in large wall hangings using bold color, abstract designs, and sumptuous wools. My work challenges the notion of weaving as a 2-dimensional art form while dismissing many of the “rules” of this traditional craft.

My studio is an oasis of light and color and offers perhaps the best views of the St George River in mid-coast Maine! I created it with the intention of making a space for me to create, and for others to learn my craft comfortably.