Tommye McClure Scanlin
Flight, 2014
60 in x 48 in

Tommye McClure Scanlin
Because of Memory, 2015
58 in x 48 in

Tommye McClure Scanlin’s Artist Statement

My tapestry images are mostly pictorial with images drawn from events, objects, people, and places meaningful in my life. My tapestries are my response to my perception of these things. I feel that through the slow and precise process of tapestry weaving specific moments may become more universal.

I design through the use of many techniques and media–drawing, painting, photography, collage, and computer-aided design (digital photos, scanning, and internet resources). I prefer tapestry weaving over the media used to achieve the design because I love the surface of weft-faced weaves and particularly flat woven tapestry.

Tommye McClure Scanlin
Secrets, 2015
32 in x 24 in

Tommye McClure Scanlin’s Biography

Scanlin is Professor Emerita at the University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, GA. She has worked primarily with weaving since 1972 and has used many weaving methods through the years to allow her to weave pictorial images before she moved to tapestry in the late 1980s. Scanlin has exhibited in juried and invitational exhibits for almost three decades has written for several fiber publications and taught in workshops and short classes at fiber guilds, John C. Campbell Folk School, and Penland School of Crafts.