Sarah Swett
Hang Up and Draw, 2008
54 in x36 in

Sarah Swett
Rough Copy # 6 Postage Due, 2011
60 in x 42 in

Sarah Swett’s Artist Statement

The perfect yarn is a column of air surrounded by fiber.

The best ideas show up when I’m doing something else.

The ideal project takes over my life and requires a season or two to complete. Or a year.  Or three.  It demands time, but not money. Or new clothes. Sometimes it is new clothes.

The design worth pursuing is not a design at all, but life made manifest in color, texture, image. It is a second captured in cloth, an unfolding story, a small miracle.

This work infiltrates my dreams, builds my biceps, thrills me to the bone and drives me to tears.  When I was seven I turned scraps of yarn into a magic carpet.  I am still at it.

Sarah Swett
Twenty Tiny Houses Series, 2018
2.25 in x 2.25 in each

Sarah Swett’s Biography

Sarah Swett was born in Brooklyn NY, moved to Idaho at eighteen and has devoted the subsequent decades to telling long, slow stories with yarn. Her work travels the world in books, magazines, exhibitions and the great invisible web. She does her best to stay at home eating cinnamon toast.