Lin Squire’s Artist Statement

Making has been a part of my whole life. Tapestry weaving is where I have found myself for the last 12 years. My practice is based on my continuing exploration of the medium of weave, my love of technology and its role in design, and, like so many people, a passion for the natural world. Out of this melting pot of sketches, digital drawings, photos, and artifacts come a seemly limitless set of options for design. Any that make it as far as my loom tend to be finished – design-wise – on the loom with my hands having the final say.

Lin Squires
See the Horse

Lin Squire’s Biography

An artist, scientist and entrepreneur Lin’s formal education includes fine art, humanities and a postgraduate degree in science. She is driven by a passion to continue exploring, learning and expressing her understanding of the natural world and the lived experience. She has exhibited in the UK and Internationally and has work in private collections.