Ellen Ramsey
Hacked, 2020
46 in x 54 in

Ellen Ramsey
Artificial System, 2022
10 in x 8 in

Ellen Ramsey’s Artist Statement

My current tapestries are inspired by digital culture and the visual similarities of textile patterns and circuit board assemblies. My source materials are copyright free vector diagrams of microchip components, which I then rearrange, layer, “corrupt,” and manipulate in Photoshop to create designs that conflate digital infrastructure and textile forms. By doing so I am exploring the intersection where analog confronts the virtual. My weavings reframe microelectronics at human scale in order to reflect upon technology’s ubiquity and impact on our lives.

Ellen Ramsey
Portal to the Metaverse, 2022
68 in x 77 in

Ellen Ramsey’s Biography

Ellen Ramsey is a Seattle artist working in the medium of handwoven tapestry. A member of Northwest Designer Craftsmen and Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound, she exhibits her work both nationally and internationally.