Christine Pradel-Lien: Perles de rosée

Christine Pradel-Lien
Perles de rosée, 2018
87 cm x 110 cm

Christine Pradel-Lien’s Artist Statement

I was inspired to weave “Perles de rosée” when I observed, while on my morning walk, dew drops on the leaves of a Euphorbia in the Jardin des Plantes, a public garden in Angers, France.  The dew drops were like miniature magnifying glasses with which I could see the intricate vein structures of the leaves. The twinkling jewels on the Euphorbia remind me of one of my favorite books from childhood, “Perlette, goutte d’eau” by Marie Colmont. Perlette, a water droplet with a delicate pink face goes on a voyage on land and encounters many adventures. Today, I am reading the book that was Mrs. Colmont’s inspiration, “Histoire d’un Ruisseau” a poetic story about a stream by Elisee Reclus, the famous French poet, and geographer.

I weave on a horizontal loom and produce tapestries that range in size from as large as 180 x 275 centimeters to as small as 14 x 14 centimeters.  I aim for delicacy and refinement in my work and use a specific technique of fine weaving.  In addition to traditional wool and cotton threads, I also use silver, gold, and copper threads to illuminate an image, much like ancient illuminated manuscripts.

Christine Pradel-Lien

Christine Pradel-Lien
L’Argiope, 2015
84 cm x 59 cm

Christine Pradel-Lien’s Biography

The School of Beaux Arts in Angers, France, my hometown, is where I learned to weave.  One reason I chose weaving is that it has been a part of the artistic tradition in Angers since the 14th century.  A particular influence on me was the “Apocalypse de Saint Jean” tapestry, which is on permanent exhibition in the castle of Angers.

I have been commissioned to create tapestries for public places as well as for private residences in France and the United States.  I have shown my work in galleries in France, England, and in America in such states as New Mexico, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Nebraska.