Sonja Miremont
Barriers, 2011
34 in x 27 in

Sonja Miremont
Seeds of Life, 2007
47 in x 33 in

Sonja Miremont’s Artist Statement

I have always loved drawing and exploring the interactions of shading, shapes, and colors through various media.  Most of my creative ideas come from my experiences and inner visions of nature, which are expressed in my artwork.  The concept of light is a major theme.  In designing, I strive to incorporate various levels of the meaning of light, and what it does to nature.  Designing in both large and small formats gives me the opportunity to work with size and proportion in my tapestries and other artwork.

Seeds of Life is part of my underwater series and is about light penetrating the deep, dispelling some of the ocean’s mysteries, as it reveals shapes and colors expanding our perception of this world.  In Barriers, the light of understanding penetrates the menacing rocks so they can cause no harm or hindrance.  Floating Feathers is my first shaped tapestry and is part of my feather series.  These hawk feathers were found under the redwood trees we planted a few years ago.  I consider them a gift leading me in a new direction.

Sonja Miremont
Floating Feathers, 2013
9 in x 7 in

Sonja Miremont’s Biography

While growing up in Idaho, I established a love of drawing, especially shading, and a strong bond with nature.  After two years at the University of Idaho, I moved to San Francisco and attended the San Francisco Art Institute and SF State University, earning my BA in art with a minor in English and a teaching certificate.  While teaching art in a junior high school, I built up my own framing business and eventually specialized in the conservation framing of textiles.  During this time I developed an interest in fiber and took some weaving classes. During the 1990s, my rug designs became more pictorial, which led to exploring and studying tapestry weaving.  I have exhibited tapestries throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  I am also a member of Tapestry Weavers West.