Maximo Laura
The Mayor Spirit, 2007
70 in x 47 in

Maximo Laura
Festival of the Water Goddess, 2004
48 in x 78 in

Maximo Laura’s Artist Statement

My work is the development of a rich, singular, fascinating, and ancient historical Andean textile fountain in symbiosis with innovations in tapestry around the world. I study the tools, the application of, and innovation in textile techniques. Besides, I try to multiply the resources of chromatic expression, maintaining the authentically Peruvian iconographic language.

Maximo Laura
Llama Ritual, 2004
73 in x 86 in

Maximo Laura’s Biography

Máximo Laura, born in Ayacucho, Peru in 1959, is a self-taught Textile Artist. A consultant, designer and lecturer in Art and Contemporary Andean textile design, Máximo teaches textile art workshops in different regions of Peru and abroad. 

Through research, Máximo has deepened his knowledge of traditional Andean textile design enriching his work and serving as a consultant for workshops. He has presented 60 solo exhibitions and has participated in several group shows in Peru and abroad since 1985.

His main awards included: “Hands of Gold” National Award, Peru, 1991; UNESCO Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain, 1992; 1st Prize in Fiber, Coral Gables International Festival of Craft Arts, USA, 1993, 1994, 1996; “Grand Master of the Peruvian Handicraft”, National Institute of Culture, Peru, 2001; “Best in Show” Prize, Contemporary Latín American Art 8, USA, 2005; Honorable Mention in 3rd European Textile and Fiber Art Triennial, Latvia, 2007; “Joaquín López Antay” National Prize of Culture, Peru, 2008. Peoples Choice Award, Land The Tapestry Foundation of Victoria Award Exhibition, Australia, 2008. II Award: Silver Medal, Scythia 7 International Biennial Conference and Exhibition on Textile Art, Ukraine. Máximo co-founded of the Iberoamerican Textile Network: Redtextilia, Costa Rica, 2006.