Joyce Hayes
Traumerei, 2006
8.25 in x 32 in

Joyce Hayes
Scenes from Childhood, 2005
13 in x 18 in

Joyce Hayes’ Artist Statement

My most recent series of tapestries have been inspired by musical scores of pieces I enjoyed playing many years ago as a child and teenager and also a piece that my daughter analyzed as part of her Ph.D. dissertation in musicology. I have translated musical sound into visual images by creating systems using math and the twelve tones of the western classical scale. With these guidelines in place and the tapestry designed, I insert the colors according to the system I have set up. The wonderful part is not knowing what is coming next; there is always a surprise. In addition to this aleatoric approach, I try to make the physical act of weaving harmonious with the design elements. The stripes and squares that I am so fond of have become morphed into the rhythm of the music, the beat of my pulse, and the breathing so important to my practice of meditation and Tai Chi.

Joyce Hayes
Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets, 2004
11 in x 10.25 in

Joyce Hayes’ Biography

Joyce Hayes has a BFA in Printmaking and Design from the Miami University of Ohio. After many years as a printmaker allergies to the solvents led to a change to textiles. She has been weaving for the past 28 years and began weaving tapestries eight years ago. Since that time she has enjoyed learning about both the present and past history of the medium. Most importantly she sees the medium of tapestry as the way to find her artistic voice.