Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes
Tree, 2017
36 in diameter

Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes
Shema O Israel, 2019
16 in x 18 in

Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes’ Artist Statement

Since retiring in late 2016, I am weaving tapestries and participating in local exhibits. My inspiration comes from two sources: My studio views of the Catskills here in Delaware County, NY, and Scripture words and images. I am emotionally dependent upon the open skies and towers of summer cumulus clouds, seasonal transitions and ranges in full color, and the minutia in my flower beds and local streams. I take many photos, translate these into a sketch for composition, and modify the image or message as the weaving progresses. In 2021 I bought a Mirrix “Zeus” tapestry loom for its dimensions and practicality.

My Scripture texts are usually one word, in either English or Hebrew. They originated out of my interest to portray the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar through key words and corresponding colors found in this church calendar. These Biblical-themed tapestries focus on subtle symbolism and those corresponding colors to encourage and reinforce understanding of Scripture. I hand spin and dye local wools to get the vibrancy and subtleties of color I want to energize the tapestry imagery and text. I am only at the very beginning of this process, and don’t know where it will lead over the next 30 years: but that is the excitement of weaving.

Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes
Verso-Recto Book, Cover 2019-2020
6 in x 10 in x 10 in

Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes’ Biography

Recent highlights of my resume include:
Jan Albert’s video interviewing me for the Catskilled Crafters “Get to Know Your Neighbors” Zoom presentation on behalf of the Pine Hill Community Center, February 25, 2021;
AMR Artists, Inc. Year End Exhibition and Mini Exhibits, December 2021-February 2022 included tapestry “Meander” (c) 2021, and two colored pencil drawings (c) 2021;
Olive Free Library “Eye To Eye”, July-September 2021 included tapestry “Falling Leaves” (c) 2016;
Roxbury Arts Group “Who’s Going to Stop Me?” May-June 2021 included embroidery “Tree” started in 1990 but completed in 2021 (c) 2021;
Catskilled Crafters “Verso-Recto Book” 2019-2020, a group project in which each textile artist created her book of interpretations of 15 jointly selected themes onto a double-page spread.