Alex Friedman
HereToday, 2013
72 in x 54 in

Alex Friedman
Flow 7, 2016
48 in x 34 in

Alex Friedman’s Artist Statement

My recent work draws inspiration from the landscapes around me: the ocean, the eroded land formations and the stark reminders of the recent drought. In these places, I find elements that work their way into my designs inspired by shape, shadow, line and, almost always, a color that drives my tapestry inspirations.

Alex Friedman
Dreaming of Green, 2014
61 in x 54 in

Alex Friedman’s Biography

Alex Friedman began her tapestry career working in Michelle Lester’s studio on a large commission for a fleet of jumbo jets. Little did she know how far and wide this would take her. With a lifelong love of art, she has focused on tapestry for over 40 years studying with several masters and developing her own approach. She exhibits both nationally and internationally and her tapestries are collected widely. Alex is a former Director and Board member of the American Tapestry Alliance. She maintains an active studio in Sausalito, California.