Debra DuBois
Patina, 2015
16 in x 48 in

Debra DuBois
Valentine, 2015
16 in x 48 in

Debra DuBois’s Artist Statement

I love fiber, color and texture.  I love the interplay of colors and light I find with the yarns I use and especially love the textural qualities of the medium. In my weaving I try to achieve a simple elegance paying particular attention to clean lines and harmonizing, reflective colors and using Churro and Lincoln yarns from New Mexico. I will be moving to Taos, New Mexico in 2017, answering the call of the past 10 years. I look forward to participating fully in the many weaving opportunities offered there.

Artist Name
9.5 in x 9.5 in each pane. Scrap yarns

Debra DuBois’s Biography

My study of weaving started with  Southwestern Tapestry Weaving with Kimberly Hamill, an apprentice of Rachel Brown and Pearl Sunrise in conjunction with Weaving Southwest and continued on with Hauchere, Hatching and Color Gradation for Tapestry and Tapestry Techniques with James Koehler in Taos, NM.   I am a member of the  Handweaver’s Guild of America, the American Tapestry Alliance, the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Co-operative, Espanola, New Mexico,  Las Tejedores Weaving Guild in New Mexico, The Mora Valley Spinning Mill Cooperative in Mora, New Mexico, Art Through The Loom Weaver’s Guild in New Mexico, and the Northwest Arkansas Handweaver’s Guild.

The two runners pictured are both made from Lincoln Longwool from New Mexico.  The wool takes on a light sheen and is very strong.  It wears like iron is how one person told me upon our buying our first Lincoln rug.  I get the yarn from the Mora Valley Spinning Mill. The Fibonacci pattern works beautifully to highlight the soft sheen of the wool.  The black rug is a real standout and the first of a new series I am creating.  The warp is standard 2-ply New Zealand, Jagger Bros. and the all weft yarn is from Churro from New Mexico in a combination of Weaving Southwest and the  Mora Valley Spinning Mill. This one is titled “Signs 2.” It measures 30″ x 46″. I have three pieces planned in the series.