Sharon Crary
Feathers in Flight, 2016
32 in x 47 in

Sharon Crary
It Seems to Be, 2015
16 in x 16 in

Sharon Crary’s Artist Statement

Inspiration comes from the weaving materials and process itself. I choose fiber because of the textural color fields I can make. Some traditional tapestry techniques are a bit too restrictive for me so I primarily weave using eccentric and wedge weave techniques. I make the yarns follow the direction of the shapes, curving and rippling, creating dynamic tension in 3 dimension. Fun is creating at the loom while weaving and asking the “What if” question.

Sharon Crary
Cockeyed, 2018
9 in x 10 in

Sharon Crary’s Artist Biography

I’m a midwesterner who came to Napa via Louisiana where I caught the weaving bug over 40 years ago and started making rugs and wallhangings on a 45″ four shaft loom. About 10 years ago I began to weave original tapestry designs that are driven by color and three dimensional texture.