Nicole Bunting
Dis-Mantle, 2020
24 in x 30 in

Nicole Bunting
Traverse, 2020
9 in x 11 in

Nicole Bunting’s Artist Statement

A weaving is formed the same way as the layers of rocks or the rings of a tree. Each of these natural patterns is a physical timeline documenting the world. Each row of the weaving represents a very distinct moment in time that gets compressed to make way for another.

Keeping a journal at a young age sparked an appreciation for the mundane moments that occur every day. Much like patterns formed in nature; a journal and a weaving are both built up over time and become a collection of defining moments. Every row of a weaving is another sentence or another thought and every weaving is another page.

Nicole Bunting
-lithic, 2019
12 in x 15 in

Nicole Bunting’s Artist Biography

Nicole Bunting received her BFA in Craft and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014. She is a weaver who loves to incorporate embroidery, paper, and collage in her work. She has been an instructor at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond since 2015, assisted Susan Iverson at Penland during the summer of 2018, and taught as an adjunct at VCU in 2019. 

When not in her studio, Nicole likes to be out exploring and traveling. Her work is influenced by the process of weaving, the formation of natural patterns, and the correlation of these to the ongoing dialogue from her own journals.