Lynda Brothers
Through the Window Down the Hall
30 in x 37 in & 30 in x 22 in

Lynda Brothers
30 in x 60 in

Lynda Brothers’ Artist Statement

Light is the major consideration in all of my art: how it is shown, how it changes with added time, and how to convey the change of light and time in a single work. In many of my pieces, I play with the lights in my studio as I work, so that the final piece has many personalities, for example, it can look like a sunrise or a sunset, depending on the light in the room around it. We do not see texture or colors without the right light. I use many subjects, many themes, very large and very small, transparent, translucent, textural, and opaque.


Lynda Brothers
Untitled I
54 in x 84 in

Lynda Brothers’ Artist Biography

Lynda Brothers has been weaving tapestries for over 40 years. She is experienced with government, corporate and private commissions, and her work has been shown in solo and group shows in several different countries. She has owned studios/galleries in Aspen, Colorado, Taos, New Mexico; Cape Town, South Africa; Santa Barbara and Ojai, California; and is presently teaching and weaving in her studio in Moorpark, California.