Galadriel Breezy
Mirth Bubbling Up, 2009
12 in x 18 in

Galadriel Breezy
Christmas Card, 2021
5 in x 6.25 in

Galadriel Breezy’s Artist Statement

Pursuing a wide range of art projects that combine unique expressions from natural, cultural and religious inspirations provides me with a broad range of fiber expression. I like to imbue pieces with humor and enjoyment of the natural world and life’s myriad dances.

Galadriel Breezy
Evan White Chicks Can Be Women of Color, 2021
9.5 in x 24 in

Galadriel Breezy’s Biography

Initially, my artistic fiber interests were inspired by the women in my early childhood; they embroidered, knit, crocheted, and sewed. It seemed natural to expand those crafts as opportunities arose to include oriental and Native American rug weaving and repair, quilting, costuming, basket weaving, collage, and tapestry weaving.

During college and after, studying various art forms in India, Nepal, Kashmir, Mexico, South America, and Europe, there have been opportunities to weave and construct compositions illustrating inspiration from many cultural backgrounds. Further tapestry weaving techniques were honed by workshops with Archie Brennan, Susan Moffet, Jean-Pierre Larochette, and Yael Laurie.