Priscilla May Alden
Earth Mother, 2016
72 in x 36 in

Priscilla May Alden
Portal, 2016
30 in x 24 in

Priscilla May Alden’s Artist Statement

Recently I have been pushing tapestry techniques to create more flowing sculptural pieces.I create long open slits. I wrap individual and small groups of warp threads which produce more open areas. I beat the weft more loosely to make the weaving less dense.

Priscilla May Alden
Earth Daughter, 2016
24 in x 24 in

Priscilla May Alden’s Biography

My first encounter more than twenty-five years ago with Navajo rugs in Santa Fe and the contemporary tapestries of Rachel Brown and James Koehler in Taos, NM inspired me to learn to weave tapestries.  I was excited to weave images after many years of pattern weaving.

My tapestries often start with pencil sketches and many colors of yarn scattered on the floor. Many evolve as I am weaving. Some are inspired by my monoprints. My designs are mostly abstract. The interaction of color combinations and geometric shapes produce bright bold imagery. My career in architectural design influenced my interest in geometric shapes and comfort in working within a grid.