Anton Veenstra
Bus (self-portrait)
17 cm  X 19 cm

Anton Veenstra
Water Dragon
80 cm x 140 cm

Anton Veenstra’s Artist Statement

My environmental concern is for the survival of the planet and our ability to live harmoniously.
Harvesting, part of the body of work for my Master’s degree was based on a photo by Mario Magajna, an Italian/Slovenian photographer, whose life’s work had been to record images of the Slovenian community in Italy. Here, a young man harvests chestnuts outside Venice. My mother was born in Slovenia. My mother was born in Slovenia. Dragon Bite was my study of the painting Laocoon by El Greco. My work was completed while studying in Ljubljana and Trieste. 

Anton Veenstra
Dragon Bite
30 cm diameter

Anton Veenstra’s Biography

Anton Veenstra completed a Master of Design (Hons) in 2003 at the College of Fine Art, Sydney. In 2006, Anton taught tapestry at the School of Art, Australian Nat Uni, Canberra. In 2012, Anton was awarded the Kate Derum Prize for small tapestry. In 2015 Anton was part of a group show, More Love Hours, curated Susanne Wearn at the Ian Potter Museum, Melbourne Uni. One of the pieces exhibited was a celebration of a classical Greek sculpture of Apollo found by a Palestinian fisherman. It was a combination of woven tapestry and button collage. The small, red/black tapestry, War, was shown in a US show of tapestry miniatures Tiny But Huge, 2019. The expressionist piece is of the lead singer of the Australian metal band, The Angels. He was instrumental (pun intended) in developing rock music internationally in an expressionist direction.