A Penelopean Space – the Work of Linda Wallace

In the Infertility Series there is a strong element of loss and absence, both literally and figuratively, the cycle of creation, destruction, and the possibility of rebirth.  Absence is usually regarded with negativity. Un-weaving a tapestry, or partially destroying it is regarded as counterproductive, but Wallace has woven the tapestries for the sole purpose of burying these tapestries, disinterring them, and considering them as textile objects. The making of these textiles creates a time and space for re-interpretation: a meditation on weaving and stitch, destruction, absence, remaking, and time. Read the accompanying essay A Penelopean Space –the Work of Linda Wallace to learn more about the work included in the exhibition.

Curator’s Biography

Dorothy Clews lives, weaves, and gardens in southwest Queensland, Australia, where the fragile landscapes give inspiration for her tapestries.